The CBB Ghana Experience


day 1

Arrive in Accra in the morning

Hotel shuttle airport pick up 

Check-in to Hotel

Early evening Accra tour & shopping and Accra night out

day 2

Cape Coast day trip: visit 2 or 3 sites (e.g. Cape Coast Castle and Dungeons)

day 3

Ada-Foah day trip: visit African heritage museum, boat ride on the volta rivers and visit basket weaving community’s island.

day 4

Return to Accra and continue shopping, touring, and exploring.

Prepare for night flight


Add naming Ceremony at Chief’s home.

Explore traditional art: explore kente weaving, adinkra symbols print making, and wood crafting.

Community engagement day: a-day-in-the-life homestay experience with students and traditional cooking/fashion lessons.

Explore Kumasi night life.

Attend Easter Festival (Ghana Madi Gras)

Include additional visits to museums, libraries, and art galleries.


Add traditional drumming and dancing lessons.


Add traditional and glass beads making workshops.


Visit mesmerizing waterfalls in the outskirts of Accra.


Add Beach BBQ package (get beachside service with music, drinks, and food).


Add Afro-Latin dance lesson and social night out.


Schedule special activities like poetry night, jazz night, and/or theater night.


Attend August, December, & January festivals (traditional art meets modern street art)

Include additional visits to castles, dungeons, the last bath river, national parks, and markets.


Visit Palm Wine farm (taste palm wine and learn about its traditional uses)


Add the evening Beach BBQ and Bonfire package


Schedule 1-3 day meditation retreat with guided reflections on Pan-Africanism and social, spiritual, and financial well-being

Include additional sculpture art workshop and/or historical lectures at African heritage museum


Visit luxury resorts with river boat tours and activities

Visit fishing village built on water (commute by canoe)

Visit unforgettable waterfalls, monkey sanctuary, and enjoy mountain hikes


The CBB Ghana tour is designed to give you an exclusive experience and taste of the rich Ghanaian culture. We got you covered from your arrival through to your departure!

Budget details:
Estimates for a standard 4 person, 4-day tour of Ghana is $970 per person.
*Extend your stay, travel in large groups, or make it a multi-country trip to receive discounts!

Includes the following:
Airport pick-up and drop-off
24/7 cultural guide and transportation services for the 4 days
3 nights of lodging at midrange hotels/resorts (single occupancy rooms for each group member)
Fees for all cultural activities listed in the itinerary section
Swag bag with personalized mementos

Does not include:
International flights
Food for the 4 days 

We make it easy to customize! …traveling solo or is your group larger/smaller than 4 people? …want a longer trip? …want only high-end hotels or make lodging more economical? …have a special request/celebration? Just follow these 2 simple steps below to let us know. 

1) Review the Ways to Customize Itinerary section for additional cities to see and cultural activities to do; and take notes.

2) Fill out the Travel Inquiry Form and share your customization preferences. Also let us know your actual group size and your preferred travel dates and number of days you’d like to travel for. 

Our team will take all the information and send you a customized quote with deposit and payment plan details in 3 – 5 business days. You will receive detailed itineraries with hotel reservations, specific names and places of cultural activities, and contact information of cultural guides after committing to CBB travel services via deposit.


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