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CBB provides all-inclusive on-the-ground services for your individual or group travel to all of our destinations. Includes pre-travel consultation, customized itinerary & budget, immersive and authentic cultural activities, and cultural guides who accompany to serve as your concierge.


Travel Packages vs Open Group Tours

Want to design an exclusive individual or group travel experience? CBB has travel packages for over 5 African countries. Stich a few packages together to create an unforgettable multi-country itinerary or extend one package for an in-depth single country experience. Select your own dates. When you’re ready, our team is ready!


Looking to join a group of like-minded cultural adventurers? Our open group tours are CBB-sponsored, pre-established themed experiences that individuals and groups can join. Review the available itinerary and program details to see if they match your interest. Then just register to secure your spot! 


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High Impact Education Abroad Experiences

Overall, education abroad experiences are categorized as High Impact Practices within universities, but not all education abroad programs exhibit the required characteristics of such practices. At CBB, we infuse our programs with the necessary characteristics to truly make it a high-impact practice. We utilize an intercultural competency perspective to establish trust. With trust in our team, we are better able to engage faculty and students in transformative culturally-immersive virtual or in-person experiences.

Engaging Underrepresented Students

At CBB we specialize in education abroad programs targeting underrepresented student. We place emphasis on the importance of cultural/ethnic identities in gaining a global/cross-cultural perspective. We leverage the complex identities of all students by acknowledging and embracing them from a position of empowerment; we frame it as a strength rather than a deficit.

Increasing Program Leaders’ Capacity

African countries are considered non-traditional destinations within study abroad. This often means that faculty and program directors feel it is daunting to plan for African destinations. CBB, in collaboration with our Partner Companies, offers comprehensive reliable and professional services that ensure smooth planning and on-the-ground experiences for those ready to diversify their education abroad (virtual or in-person) program offerings.

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I’ve been taking groups to Ghana since 2016;  but it wasn’t until 2018 that I started partnering  with Culture Beyond Borders; what a game-changer! They handled all of the logistics for our group including accommodations, food, and transportation for 3 different cities in Ghana. With the CBB team on the job, I was able to focus on my other roles as a group leader, which meant a more smooth and impactful experience for me and our scholars.

Ruby (1)

Ruby Maddox

Co-Founder of LFW

CBB creates experiences that connect you to the root of culture… the community! The travel experiences are customized for the explorers and the CBB cultural guides help to make culture integration an easier process. I have enjoyed partnering with CBB to plan my personal and group travel in Africa (Ghana & Kenya) and look forward to annual trips to travel to Africa and various Black diaspora locations.


Teni-Ola Ogunjobi

Founder of ICP

Kwesi and the CBB team have been phenomenal partners of Voices by VDAY and the work we’ve been able to do in Ghana. From making travel arrangements to connecting our team with partners on the ground, to curating beautiful and life changing experiences, the CBB team executes with the utmost professionalism, intention, creativity, and support.  I look forward to continuing to work together and enthusiastically recommend their services!


Hollis Heath

Voices by V-Day

This is my second trip with Culture Beyond Borders. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment from start to finish. The experience is truly priceless. I feel more connected to the continent and culture than I did before. I felt safe at all times. This allowed for me to truly be relaxed and take everything in. The staff is incredible and very attentive. I gained more than a cultural travel experience. I gained memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. 



CBB Traveler


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