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Want to design an exclusive individual or group travel experience? CBB has travel packages for over 5 African countries. Stich a few packages together to create an unforgettable multi-country itinerary or extend one package for an in-depth single country experience. When you’re ready, our team is ready! You can adjust the travel dates, budget, the hotel type, the itinerary locations & activities, etc. etc. as you wish.


Looking to join a group of like-minded cultural adventurers? Our open group tours are CBB-sponsored established themed experiences that individuals and groups can join. Review the available itinerary and program details to see if they match your interest. Then just register to secure your spot! For these trips some trips may already have been finalized by the group (leader). Please be sure to ask about which details are finalized, and which are not before registering.

Intercultural competency simply refers to one’s ability to navigate different cultural settings. Cultural difference could be found in our communities, at the workplace, or during international travel therefore intercultural competency skills can be applied anywhere. They are skills that can be developed with intention and proper guidance. CBB is intentional in designing experiences that allows our travelers to develop their intercultural competency.

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